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  • The heat is on!

    Soon! World Championship Latin invites the best of the best to Ostrava, Czech Republic, for an exciting evening: the long-lasting era of Gabi and Anna will get its successors when the new World Champions will be crowned!

    25/09/2018 read more ...
  • New Showdance Champs crowned in Bratislava.

    Russian couples reigned the Showdance floor in Bratislava – new champions were crowned, but many of the same names as last year, were called when the highest ranked couples were remaining in line-up.

    24/09/2018 read more ...
  • Live stream from the Showdance World Championship

    Live stream beginning from Bratislava on Saturday at 14.35 CET with the WCH Showdance LAT semifinal round, followed by Showdance STD at 17.04 CET.

    22/09/2018 read more ...
  • The Netherlands Ready for YOG

    The Netherlands are ready for the Youth Olympic Games! The Dutch WDSF National Member (NADB) sends a dancer to an Olympic event for the first time in history.

    20/09/2018 read more ...
  • Disco Dance, Performing Arts, Hip Hop

    The WDSF Dance Discipline Development Commission announces that granted competitions in Disco, Performing Arts and Hip Hop will take place in late September and October in Belgrade, SRB, and in Roselare, BEL.

    13/09/2018 read more ...
  • Finally

    The Danish couple Umberto Gaudino and Louise Heise struggled as of lately to make the finals in major competition. But in the 2018 World Cup Chengdu they made it all the way to the highest pedestal of the podium. Champs!

    09/09/2018 read more ...

We Like Ten Dance! 13/03/2018

Konstantin Gorodilov - Dominika Bergmannova, EST © Roland No, unfortunately not all championships can be treated equal in terms of coverage WDSF Communications produces on them. Budgetary restraints require us to prioritise certain events over others. The number of "Live from ..." blogs we have published over the past years has been at a steady 12. And they were covering six GrandSlams, five or six Championships and/or one special event. Eleven of them are set - simply because they are part of our broadcast packages: the GrandSlams, the Europeans Latin and Standard and the Worlds Latin, Standard, Ten Dance.

The last time we did a "Live from ..." blog on the European Ten Dance was in 2015, from Mégève, FRA. The last broadcast production dates back to 2016. The last time we offered a live webcast - courtesy of the organisers of the Copenhagen Open - was in 2017. We like Ten Dance!

This year, too, we had one member of our team in Brno, CZE, recording the decisive stages and taking stills of the earlier rounds of the European Ten Dance. This imagery will be available soon. Together with a complete write-up

A live stream - unfortunately unbeknownst to us - was produced by the Brno organisers and available on all competitions, including the European Ten Dance. 

We remind all organisers that the WDSF Regulations for Electronic and New Media apply.
WDSF Communications needs to be notified when a stream of WDSF competitions is planned. The Regulations read: "If ... an audio-visual signal is produced, the organiser will advise the WDSF so that the WDSF is able to exploit such signal in other territories." 

More soon!