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  • DanceSport community voice has been heard

    Only seven days ago Dmitry and Olga were on the 15th place. But fans, the community and all DanceSport lovers working together pushed them to the eighth place and where they should be: among the ten finalists of the World Games AOTY 2018 race.

    17/01/2019 read more ...
  • Let's do this, now or never! Vote!

    It is the last chance to vote TODAY to keep Dmitry and Olga in Top 10 of the World Games Athlete of the Year 2018 -poll. The cut will happen today at 21:00 CET.

    15/01/2019 read more ...
  • The First WDSF Event of the Year

    The WDSF competition year 2019 has started in Benidorm, Spain. There will be a live stream from Spain and we are happy to share the link to all; both old and new friends of DanceSport!

    11/01/2019 read more ...
  • What to expect in 2019

    As we have landed to a new year there are some important dates to remember, as well as some new procedures for everyone to acknowledge.

    07/01/2019 read more ...
  • Vote, vote, vote!

    We are proud to have four-times World Champions running for the World Games Athlete of The Year 2018 title. And now we need your votes.

    06/01/2019 read more ...
  • #WeAreDanceSport

    Artistry, competitions, emotions, rhythms, learning, sharing. About DanceSport.

    01/01/2019 read more ...

World Championship Juniors and Seniors 04/11/2018

Yaroslav Kiselev - Sofia Philipchuk, RUS at ROC2018 Jun 2 STD

World Championship Junior 2 Standard took place on Saturday in Sibiu, Romania. The winners, Yaroslav Kiselev and Sofia Philipchuk from Russia continued their amazingly successful autumn.

They won World Championship Junior 2 Latin in Bilbao in October, WDSF Open Junior 2 Standard in Russian Open DanceSport Championships just a week ago, and now they finalized their hat trick within a month by securing the World Championship title in Junior 2 Standard, and doing it by winning all five dances. We'd better keep an eye on this young couple, who knows what the future might bring for them!

The result:
1. Yaroslav Kiselev - Sofia Philipchuk, RUS
2. Egor Perepelitsyn - Maria Barykina, RUS
3. Batranu Razvan-George - Dica Ana-Maria, ROU
4. Philipp Vovk - Angelina Gensrich, GER
5. Mikhail Vinokurov - Mayya Spirina, AZE
6. Riccardo Perretta - Eleonora Petronilli, ITA

World Championship Senior 1 Ten Dance was danced in Sibiu on Sunday. The silver medalists of 2017, Simon Sorin Dumitru - Constantinescu Florentina from Romania, won the title by winning all ten dances. The couple has already won silver in World Latin and ranked fifth in World Standard earlier in October.

The result:
1. Simon Sorin Dumitru - Constantinescu Florentina, ROU
2. Erik Heyden - Julia Luckow, GER
3. Ruben Viciana Lopez - Eva Moya, ESP
4. Yevgen Dmytrenko - Mery Lenz, ARG
5. Duarte Sousa - Elisabete Pera, POR
6. Szantho Peter - Juhasz-Szantho Szilvia, HUN

One age group more experienced dancers, Senior 2 age group, had their World Championship Ten Dance on Saturday in Wroclaw, Poland. It was the same top two as last year, but to the delight of the home crowd the winners were Tomasz Kucharczyk - Roza Kucharczyk from Poland. They won seven dances out of ten in the final and brightened their silver medal from last year to golden. The runners-up, Jordi Mayral Esteban and Eva Aguilera Llobera from Spain won three dances and were second in seven dances.

The result:
1. Tomasz Kucharczyk - Roza Kucharczyk, POL
2. Jordi Mayral Esteban - Eva Aguilera Llobera, ESP
3. Oleg Sadyrev - Angelique Maasik, EST
4. Oleg Eskov - Julia Mikhina, RUS
5. Vaino Miil - Kaia Linkberg, EST
6. Dirk Regitz - Fabienne Regitz, GER

Congratulations to all finalists and medalists of these three World Championships in Sibiu and Wroclaw!