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Frost - Friederike
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Status: Active
Division: Breaking
Trivium: Yes
Judging System: Yes
Issued on: 14 March 2022
Education expires on: 22 October 2025

  • Breaking (A)

Head Judge/Chairperson

Status: Active
Division: Breaking
Grade: B
Issued on: 20 January 2023
Education expires on: 26 February 2025


Competition history

Task Date Event Competitions Location
Adjudicator 16 May 2024 Olympic Qualifier Series Breaking Adult   Breaking Adult   Shanghai, People's Republic of China
Adjudicator 27 October 2023 WDSF Oceania Breaking Championship Breaking Adult   Breaking Adult   Sydney, Australia
Adjudicator 30 August 2023 WDSF Breaking for Gold Breaking Adult   Breaking Adult   Porto, Portugal
Adjudicator 26 June 2023 European Games Breaking Adult   Breaking Adult   Nowy Sącz, Poland
Adjudicator 14 April 2023 WDSF BfG World Series Breaking Adult   Breaking Adult   Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Adjudicator 05 November 2022 WDSF European Championship Breaking Adult   Breaking Adult   Manchester, England


Frieda "BGirl Frost" Frost is an urban dancer (Breakdance), sport scientist and PhD student at the Institute of Dance and Movement Culture of the German Sport University Cologne. She lives between Morocco (Rabat/Casablanca) and Germany (Cologne/Berlin).
Starting dancing in 2001, she works as professional dancer and performer for (dance) theatre projects, is teaching classes and workshops in informal and formal institutions like youth clubs, dance schools or Universities, working for gender- and refugee-projects, participates in and is judge at national and international dance events. 

Her study of sports science, economics and management gives her practical and theoretical knowledge in teaching, coaching, practice and exercise, as well as in event- and project management.
Frieda Frost developed an urban dance cultural specific teaching approach for teaching Breaking that is influenced by her expreriences in the urban dance scene, teaching at universities, contemporary and dance theatre contexts and her sport studies background. This approach is focusing on an individual, creative and collective learning space, with re-creating the cultural spaces of urban dance like the cypher or concepts like each-one-teach-one. In 2020, she received the Digital Teaching Award of the German Sport University Cologne.

Additionally, she implements own dance projects and dance events, is founder of the @hiphopstudysunday that drops regular knowledge on hip hop and dance research, founding member of the Europen HipHop Studies Network, as well as founding member of the urban dance theatre collective nutrospektif and member of the Breakdance-Crews Dirty Mamas Crew and Masterplan. In 2022 she co-founded the German-Moroccan dance company Cie Chara.