Gu Qingwu

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People's Republic of China
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Member of
Chinese DanceSport Federation


Division: General
Status: Active


37.08 April 2017GrandSlamLatinAdultWuhan - People's Republic of China
13.26 March 2017World OpenLatinAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
8.23 March 2017OpenLatinRising StarsPieve Di Cento - Italy
0.19 March 2017GrandSlamLatinAdultHelsinki - Finland
21.30 October 2016GrandSlamLatinAdultPlatja d'Aro - Spain
69.11 August 2016GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
5.23 July 2016OpenLatinAdultSingapore - Singapore
26.16 April 2016GrandSlamLatinAdultWuhan - People's Republic of China
45.06 March 2016GrandSlamLatinAdultHelsinki - Finland
12.28 February 2016International OpenLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
1.27 February 2016OpenLatinRising StarsBassano del Grappa - Italy
15.27 February 2016World CupLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
52.13 August 2015GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
25.20 June 2015GrandSlamLatinAdultHong Kong - Hong Kong
14.24 May 2015World OpenLatinAdultShenzhen - People's Republic of China
20.25 April 2015GrandSlamLatinAdultWuhan - People's Republic of China
0.08 February 2015World OpenLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
0.07 February 2015OpenLatinRising StarsBassano del Grappa - Italy
33.25 October 2014GrandSlamLatinAdultMoscow - Russia
21.13 September 2014GrandSlamLatinAdultWuhan - People's Republic of China
106.14 August 2014GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
31.31 May 2014GrandSlamLatinAdultHong Kong - Hong Kong
0.14 December 2013International OpenLatinAdultShanghai - People's Republic of China
26.07 September 2013GrandSlamLatinAdultBeijing - People's Republic of China
0.15 August 2013GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
11.14 July 2013World OpenLatinAdultChengdu - People's Republic of China
38.13 September 2009OpenLatinAdultYichang - People's Republic of China


CoupleNameNationalityCompeting forStatusJoinedRetired
detailsZixuan LinPeople's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaActive21/01/2016
detailsYulia SteshenkoPeople's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRetired24/04/201521/01/2016
detailsZiyi WangPeople's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRetired12/09/201409/02/2015
detailsZiyi WangPeople's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRetired20/05/201415/08/2014
detailsZhaoyu YangPeople's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRetired13/07/201320/05/2014
detailsXingyue ZhangPeople's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaRetired01/09/200914/09/2009