Forever Young

Timeless, Ageless

TAP As athletes of all ages dance to the most different rhythms, they perform a truly timeless sporting gesture. Whether it is dancing a Waltz or a Hip Hop, and even if one style should suit the taste of one generation better than that of another, in the final analysis it remains DanceSport. And DanceSport is inherently ageless.

DanceSport has well-proven structures in place for young athletes to compete in appropriate categories from an early age. Every year, WDSF grants hundreds of competitions for age grades U-21, Youth (U-18), Junior II (U-15), Junior I (U-13), Juvenile II (U-11) and Juvenile I (U-9) to organisers around the world. WDSF Associate Members sanction separate championships for similar age grades in the disciplines governed by their rules too. In fact, dancers between 12 and 21 make for the lion's share in the global community of competitors for many of the dance styles.

Getting gradually exposed to competing at local, national and international levels, young athletes in DanceSport progress at a pace that is closely monitored by coaches and officials. Separate competition rules are enforced for Juvenile and Junior grades to avoid overtaxing children and young adolescents both physically and mentally. In some DanceSport disciplines, separate dress codes apply for young dancers to impose clear restrictions on their costuming.

Much like in many other sports, athletes start to approach maturity, in terms of their sporting development, in the Youth grade (16 to 18 years), where they compete under rules which are virtually identical to those for adults.

Generation Y/Z

7mi-ulpq51k|2008 IDSF World Youth Latin - Part I

The three-part video production on the 2008 World Championship for Youth provides excellent insights into the Y/Z generation’s commitment to DanceSport, and it allows for an assessment of the proficiency levels these young athletes are able to reach.

2008 WDSF World Youth Latin - Part II
2008 WDSF World Youth Latin - Part III

And Beyond

A progressive competition structure (Senior I - IV) exists for mature athletes as well, allowing them to continue in the sport for a lifetime. WDSF World DanceSport Championships for Seniors bring thousands to the floor every year. World and European Masters Games include DanceSport too. 

Published on 20 August 2010 (last update on 5 December 2016)