Multi-Sport Games

Featured DanceSport

Even if the ultimate goal of inclusion into the Olympic Games has not yet been attained by WDSF, DanceSport features in several other international multi-sport games already.

Asian Games

World Games 2009 Ceremony DanceSport premiered on the programme of the Asian Games, held under the auspices of the Olympic Council of Asia, in November 2010, when the 16th edition took place in Guangzhou, CHN. Even prior to that, DanceSport was included into the Asian Indoor Games and several regional multi-sport games staged on the continent.

Masters Games

After becoming a member of the International World Masters Games Association in 2010, WDSF made its first appearance in the 2011 European Masters Games with its athletes aged 34 or older.

WDSF World DanceSport Games

Published on 26 November 2010 (last update on 29 June 2024)