Luc Verstraeten - Chris van Havere

General information

Luc Verstraeten   (10134350)
Chris van Havere   (10134351)
Dancing for
Joined on
25 May 2021
Current age group
Senior IV
Current status

219. in Senior III - Standard with 273 points

224. in Senior IV - Standard with 176 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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Excused28 July 2024OpenStandardSenior IVVienna - Austria
Registered26 July 2024World ChampionshipStandardSenior IVVienna - Austria
Present31 May 2024OpenStandardSenior IVBremen - Germany
Excused25 February 2024OpenStandardSenior IVVösendorf/Vienna - Austria
Excused24 February 2024OpenStandardSenior IVVösendorf/Vienna - Austria
25.8811 February 2024OpenStandardSenior IVAntwerp - Belgium
28.8810 February 2024OpenStandardSenior IVAntwerp - Belgium
65.912 November 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIDresden - Germany
46.7214 October 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIRotterdam - Netherlands
Excused13 October 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIRotterdam - Netherlands
16.9016 September 2023OpenStandardSenior IIILa Louviere - Belgium
152.501 July 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIWuppertal - Germany
51.904 June 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIBremen - Germany
18.8806 May 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIKaunas - Lithuania
102.431 March 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIBerlin - Germany
42.8012 February 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIAntwerpen - Belgium
Excused11 February 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIAntwerpen - Belgium
21.7413 November 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIPontault-Combault - France
28.5528 October 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIPlatja d'Aro - Spain
76.1015 October 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIRotterdam - Netherlands
131.514 October 2022World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIRotterdam - Netherlands
8.15816 September 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIVagos - Portugal
61.1124 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
68.1222 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
22.7522 May 2022OpenStandardSenior IIILyon - France
17.7416 April 2022OpenStandardSenior IICambrils - Spain
18.7815 April 2022OpenStandardSenior IIICambrils - Spain
40.5814 November 2021OpenStandardSenior IIIPontault Combault - France
31.27 August 2021OpenStandardSenior IIIRotterdam - Netherlands
62.24 July 2021OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
68.23 July 2021OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria


Luc Chris
Country of originBelgium
I mainly live inBelgium
Started dancing in2014
Profession or educationHealth and Safety consultant
Marital statusMarried
Other sportsSkiing, cycling
Preferred dancesSlowfox, Tango
Personal strengthspossitive mental additude
Main trainersGuy sas, Gianita Bigazzi