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  • IOC EB Sets Strict Eligibility for Neutral Athletes at Paris 2024 Olympics

    The IOC Executive Board approves stringent conditions for Individual Neutral Athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Read about the comprehensive eligibility criteria and the Olympic Games' commitment to neutrality and anti-doping policies.

    09/12/2023 read more ...
  • Epic Breaking Event and Packed Venue at Pan-American Games

    “Breaking has really come a long way and we are eager to continue showcasing its brilliant athleticism and artistry to a global audience at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.”

    05/11/2023 read more ...
  • The QMS 2023 WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships

    Thirty-seven B-Boys and fifteen B-Girls from the Oceania continent competed with their eyes on the coveted prize - a direct entry to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

    31/10/2023 read more ...
  • WDSF stands in solidarity amid recent Israel attacks

    The WDSF expresses deep sympathies for the victims of recent violence in Israel. As a global sport governing body, we promote unity and dialogue through DanceSport, standing in solidarity with all affected by the conflict.

    18/10/2023 read more ...
  • Wdsf statement on LA28 decision not to include Breaking

    The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) wishes to address the unfortunate spread of misinformation circulating on social media and in the media.

    16/10/2023 read more ...
  • WDSF Safeguarding Policy and Appointment of WDSF Safeguarding Officer

    The development and adoption of the policy is part of the fulfillment of the requirement from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for all Olympic Sports Federations.

    16/10/2023 read more ...

The QMS 2023 WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships 31/10/2023

WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships 2023 The historic Sydney Town Hall in Australia set the scene for the inauguration of the Oceania Championship Breaking this past weekend. Thirty-seven B-Boys and fifteen B-Girls from the Oceania continent competed with their eyes on the coveted prize - a direct entry to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The audience, a diverse mix of devoted Breaking enthusiasts and newcomers to Breaking, shared an exhilarating experience as they came together for the very first Oceania continental championship. The excitement extended beyond the historic Sydney Town Hall as the event was broadcasted live on the Olympic Channel, providing a global audience with the opportunity to witness the inspiring performances of the athletes.

After two days of intense battles, the winners emerged. Standing proudly on the podium were top Australian breakers in both B-Boy and B-Girl categories.

WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships 2023 B-Boy J-Attack secured the gold medal, while B-Boy Benmx claimed the silver, and B-Boy Kid Tek earned the bronze.

WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships 2023 B-Girl Raygun won the gold medal, while B-Girl Molly took the silver medal, and B-Girl Hannah secured the bronze. They were joined by the presenters of the medals, Mr. Tony Tilenni, WDSF 1st Vice-President, Mr. Matthew Allen, Vice-President of the Australian Olympic Committee, and Lowe Napalan from AUSBreaking, organizer of the championship.

For B-Girl Raygun and B-Boy J-Attack, the victory was doubly sweet, as their gold medal performances granted them direct access to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, a testament to their extraordinary Breaking skills. Additionally, three B-Boys and three B-Girls qualified for the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest and Shanghai in 2024.

WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships 2023 An emotional moment as the winner of the Oceania Championship in the B-Boy category was announced.

“[Breaking] has ignited the youth worldwide and has now firmly established itself as an Olympic DanceSport discipline. It’s particularly auspicious as this year marks the official 50th anniversary of Hip Hop Culture,” declared Mr. Tony Tilenni, WDSF 1st Vice-President and Vice-President of Finance, in his opening speech.

“It’s heartening to see so many youth involved and inspired by Breaking, particularly as it is so accessible and attractive as a sport with multi-faceted artistic and cultural elements. Importantly, I am delighted to see that so many B-Boys and B-Girls demonstrate the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, and respect,” expressed Shawn Tay, President of WDSF.

WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships 2023 A panel of international judges, Chairperson, MCs and DJs at the Oceania Championship Breaking.
Following the championship, a training camp was conducted for the athletes at the historic Bondi pavilion at the Bondi iconic Sydney Bondi Beach. It covered a wide array of topics, including musicality, technique, and vocabulary, and was expertly led by Max from Portugal and Katsu from Japan. The camp also featured a talk on safeguarding by WDSF Safeguarding Officer Isabelle Tay, underscoring the significance of ensuring the well-being and safety of DanceSport athletes.

WDSF Oceania Breaking Championships 2023 B-Boys and B-Girls working hard on the physical training component during the “Body, Mind, Soul” workshop by Max of Portugal. All photos are courtesy of Photography.JNY.

The Championship and training camp were organized by AUSBreaking, in collaboration with DanceSport Australia and the WDSF, and strongly supported by the Australian Olympic Committee. The Oceania Championship Breaking was crucially supported by the Olympic Solidary, which provided funds for the Championship, training camp, and travel expenses for the winner of the B-Boy category. Replays of this historic Championship can be found on the Olympic Channel here or on the Olympics app.

The next championship in line leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is the Pan-American Games, set to take place in Santiago, Chile in the coming week. This edition of the Games is highly-anticipated, particularly as it will be the last event providing direct qualification to the Olympic Games for its winners.