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  • 2022 WDSF PD European Standard - Rimini, Italy

    Vaidotas Lacitis - Veronika Golodneva from Lithuania win the WDSF PD European Standard in Rimini / Italy

    02/12/2022 read more ...
  • WDSF PD Wolrd Cup Latin - Bangkok / Thailand

    Andrea Silvestri - Martina Varadi / HUN win the WDSF PD World-Cup Latin 

    26/11/2022 read more ...
  • Moldovan couples take home two important WDSF PD World titles in October

    October 2022 remains in DanceSport history for many reasons. Not only because the WDSF competition calendar is filling up with fabulous events, but also because all the athletes on the floor have been eager to join the events.

    30/10/2022 read more ...

    Nikolay Darin - Natalia Seredina from Moldova win the 2022 PD World Standard 

    22/10/2022 read more ...
  • 2022 WDSF PD World ShowDance Standard|Leipzig, GER

    Alexandru & Patricija Ionel from Germany win the World ShowDance Standard 

    15/10/2022 read more ...
  • 2022 WDSF PD World Championships Latin | Leipzig, GER

    Gabriele Goffredo - Anna Matus from Moldova win the title ...                   Andrea Silvestri - Martina Varadi from Hungary achieve runners-up position

    15/10/2022 read more ...

2022 WDSF PD WCH STD | Toronto, CAN 22/10/2022

                                                    Congratulations to all finalists ...

The DanceSport Grand Prix Canada in Toronto set the stage for the 2022 WDSF Professional Division World Championship Standard on October 23rd. 19 couples from 15 countries travelled to Toronto to compete for the title. And the results are ...


                                       1st place: Nicolay Darin - Natalia Seredina / Moldova

                                  2nd place: Vaidotas Lacitis - Veronika Golodneva / Lithuania

                                              3rd place: Edgars Linis Eliza Line / Latvia

                                      4th place: Pasquale Farina - Sofie Koborg / Denmark

                                   5th place: Matteo Chichitti - Simona Brecikova / Slovakia

                                   6th place: Patrick Rucinski - Tatiana Veselkina / Canada