Qualification System 2025 The World Games Standard and Latin

Couple dancing Standard It is our pleasure to inform you that The World Games 2025 will be held in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China, from 7th until 17th August 2025, being the competition days for Standard and Latin disciplines as follows: 

  • 8th of August 2025 Latin Discipline
  • 9th of August 2025 Standard Discipline

The Qualification System was built taking into account an equity principle to reward those NMBs who consistently organize WDSF competitions and encourage athletes to compete under the WDSF license. Equality of opportunity is also ensured, meaning that all countries with WDSF active Athletes’ licenses in 2023 will have the chance to participate in The World Games’ Qualification System.

In light of these principles, a Two-Level Qualification System will be used following a successful qualification system for the previous Games. The first level is the national one, using the National Ranking List based on WDSF Competitions. The second level is the international/continental one, where specific number of quotas places will be allocated to each country based on equity and equality of opportunity principles.

Ultimately, the best 24 couples in each discipline will be qualified to participate in The World Games in Chengdu. The Qualification period will be finished on March 31st, 2025, as per IWGA requirements.

Additionally, WDSF has received a communication from IWGA Sports Director regarding the eligibility for participation in The World Games 2025. According to this communication, couples with at least one partner holding a passport of the representing country will be allowed to participate in the TWG 2025. To ensure clarity, couples with at least one partner has the passport of the representing country will be eligible to compete in the TWG 2025, as per IWGA statement. 

If you desire to host one of the Qualification Events, please find the bidding from here.

For the WDSF TWG Qualification System - General information, please click here

For the WDSF TWG Qualification System - Explanation with quotas, please click here

WDSF Vice President for Sport

Nenad Jeftic

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