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  • Breaking a smash success at 2023 Southeast Asian Games

    The Breaking competition at Cambodia 2023 showcased a wealth of exceptional talent and skill from Breakers across Southeast Asia.

    26/05/2023 read more ...
  • Call for Asian candidates for the Athletes Commission

    The AC represents the interest of the athletes, advises the Presidium on matters that are relevant to the athletes, and works to improving the communication between the Presidium and the athletes.

    25/05/2023 read more ...
  • 2023 WDSF African Breaking Championship

    The first WDSF Breaking Continental Championships ever held in Africa ended in dramatic fashion with B-girl El Mamouny (MOR) and B-boy Billy (MOR) claiming gold in their respective finals – the first African champions in WDSF Breaking history.

    16/05/2023 read more ...
  • B-boy Menno, B-girl Nicka Claim Gold at European Breaking Championship

    The competition played a crucial role in the qualification process for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, providing coveted points for the WDSF Breaking for Gold Ranking List and an additional opportunity for the athletes to qualify for the Olympic Qualifier Series

    08/05/2023 read more ...
  • Chinese city Wuxi to host annual Asian
    DanceSport Festival

    The DanceSport Festival is set to feature the 2023 WDSF World Championship Standard on 21 July, training camps, a free-of-charge training session for dancers aged 21 and under and an Adjudicators Congress.

    02/05/2023 read more ...
  • The Birth of Hip Hop and Breaking’s Road to Paris 2024

    The vibrant DanceSport has captured the attention of millions, and in a historic decision, it has been included as a sport in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

    25/04/2023 read more ...

Breaking a smash success at 2023 Southeast Asian Games 26/05/2023

image001.jpg Breaking made its triumphant debut this week at the 2023 Southeast Asian Games (SEA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with electrifying moves and dynamic performances adding a vibrant and contemporary element to the traditional sports line-up.

B-Boy Legosam of Malaysia steamrolled his way to the men’s title by defeating b-boy Cheno from Thailand in the final. In the battle for bronze, B-Boy Tflow from Thailand overcame the Philippines’ B-Boy Dudut. See the full B-Boy results.

B-Girl Nhu of Vietnam, meanwhile, claimed the women’s title, beating compatriot B-Girl Tram in a closely contested final. B-Girl Dwi Cindy of Indonesia finished third. See the full B-Girl results.

The Breaking competition at Cambodia 2023 showcased a wealth of exceptional talent and skill from Breakers across Southeast Asia. Spectators were dazzled by acrobatic air moves, intricate top rocking, and gravity-defying spins, seemingly in defiance of physical limitations. The energy in the competition arena was palpable, as athletes fed off the electric atmosphere and delivered breathtaking performances that left the crowds in awe.

B-Girl Nhu showcased her incredible skill, artistry, and creativity, wowing the judges and spectators alike. Her dynamic and captivating performance earned her a well-deserved gold medal and solidified her status as one of the region’s finest Breakers.

Legosam also delivered a mesmerizing display of power, agility, and precision. His incredible moves and flawless execution garnered high praise from the judges, earning him the gold medal and cementing his place among the elite Breaking practitioners in Southeast Asia.

World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) President Shawn Tay expressed his satisfaction with the Breaking competition at Cambodia 2023, stating:

“The Breaking event at the 2023 Southeast Asian Games has been a true showcase of talent and passion. The athletes brought the essence of Breaking to life with their incredible performances, captivating the audience with their energy and creativity. Cambodia has done a remarkable job in hosting this event, and it has undoubtedly contributed to the growth and recognition of Breaking in the region.”

In total, over 11,000 athletes and delegates from 11 Southeast Asian countries converged on Cambodia to take part in 36 sports at the event, which ran from 5-17 May.