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  • Celebrating Excellence: Unveiling the Definitive List of Athletes for the Olympic Qualifier Series

    The World DanceSport Federation is honoured to unveil the definitive list of athletes who have successfully qualified and have been confirmed by their NMBs for the prestigious Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS).

    21/02/2024 read more ...
  • Launch of WDSF Education Programme: Empowering National Member Bodies

    Discover how the WDSF Education Programme empowers National Member Bodies with high-level educational resources, fostering growth and excellence in DanceSport. Learn more!

    20/02/2024 read more ...
  • WDSF World Choreographic Championship 2024

    The Choreographic discipline, which began to take root within numerous National Member Bodies (NMBs) some years ago, has since achieved notable recognition among various countries.

    05/02/2024 read more ...
  • Thank you for voting!

    The World Games Athlete of the Year 2023 election has been closed and we are happy to announce that our candidate couple for the title, Marius-Andrei Balan and Khrystyna Moshenska (GER) reached the podium!

    31/01/2024 read more ...
  • Final List of Qualified Athletes to compete in the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS)

    Discover the final list of exceptionally talented B-Boys and B-Girls who have qualified for the Olympic Qualifier Series events.

    29/01/2024 read more ...
  • Provisional List of Qualified Athletes to compete in the Olympic Qualifier Series

    Discover the provisional list of exceptionally talented B-Boys and B-Girls who have qualified for the Olympic Qualifier Series events.

    23/01/2024 read more ...

Three times World and European Champions, and the next generation in the loop 05/12/2023

2023 WDSF European Standard Championship 44 couples representing 25 European countries landed in Vilnius (LTU) for the first days of December to participate the 2023 WDSF European Standard Championship and to continue the fascinating DanceSport competition season of 2023.

The couples had an epic battle for the positions on the next round, for the final and while in the final, for the positions on the podium, making each round more incredible and colourful than the previous one. The crowd cheered and supported their favourites in full to push them to show their best, and the atmosphere at the venue was frantic!

Homeground and the full spectator stands combined with their flawless performance helped Evaldas Sodeika and Ieva Zukauskaite reach their third European Standard title. The three-times World Champions, famous for their skill of winning the hearts of the spectators did it again: they charmed everyone at the venue and to the great joy for the Lithuanian fans, and for themselves, lifted up the trophy of the European title for the third time in their career.

Tomas Fainsil – Violetta Fainsil (GER) performed beautifully, which earned them the silver medals, while Rares Cojoc – Andreea Matei (ROU) completed the podium with their solid third place. Close by, but outside the podium were Dariusz Mycka – Madara Freiberga (POL) on their fourth place, Vadim Shurin – Anastasia Meshkova (LAT) on their fifth place and Dmitri Kolobov – Signe Busk (DEN) on the sixth place.

After the final, another era in DanceSport came to an end as Evaldas and Ieva said their touching goodbyes to the amateur competition floors.

2023 WDSF World Championship Youth Ten Dance At the same time in Astana (KAZ), the 2023 WDSF World Championship Youth Ten Dance saw a new generation rising, as Neidas Lenkaitis - Tamara Belenkaya (KAZ) demonstrated stamina, skill and performance which earned them the World Championship title. It was the first time for the WDSF World Championship to be held in Kazakhstan, and Neidas and Tamara were the second ones in Kazakh DanceSport history to win the World title for the country. And, they won it by winning all ten dances of the final!

Adria Hernandez - Emilija Ulcinaite (ESP) won the silver medals with only two sum points ahead of Vladimir Cebanu - Sofia Chiorescu (MDA), who secured the World Championship Bronze medals. Andrii Nikitonok - Milana Boichuk (UKR), Mateusz Stawowy - Sara Silva (POL) and Joao Sant'Anna - Luna Pinto (POR) completed the exciting and dynamic final and ranked from 4th to 6th in respective order. 27 couples representing just as many countries from around the world started the Championship held in conjunction of the Asian Grand Prix at the beautiful Grand Hall of Presidential Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.