More spectacular Solo Latin Performances at the Zagreb Grand Prix 2024: The recap of the Day 2

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With the remarkable performances from the previous day still fresh in our minds, we were eagerly anticipating the European Championship Solo Latin Female Youth. The competition promised to reveal the names of young talents who will undoubtedly soon make their mark in the Adult category.

In the fiercely contested Youth category, the final rankings highlighted some exceptional talent. Maddalena Cadorin from Italy took the top spot, her performance captivating both judges and audience alike. The rankings are as follows:

European Championship Solo Latin Female Youth Results

The following results are from the WDSF European Championship held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 25 May 2024:

1. Maddalena Cadorin (Italy)
2. Jasmin Nicole Balat (Turkey)
3. Samira Barbolla Bonvino (Italy)
4. Jana Milovanovic (Serbia)
5. Miriam di Reda (Italy)
6. Martina Epifani (Italy)

Saturday was an intense day of competitions, featuring a variety of thrilling events. In addition to the European Championship Solo Latin Female Youth, the day included the WDSF Open Standard Adult, WDSF Open Standard Youth, WDSF Open Solo Latin Adult, WDSF Open Solo Latin Youth, WDSF Open Solo Latin Junior I and II, and WDSF Open Solo Latin Juvenile I and II. Each competition showcased remarkable performances and fierce competition, adding to the excitement and energy of the day.

To watch

We invite you to enjoy this excellent event through our YouTube channel, DanceSport Total, where you can relive the competition if you missed it live. Don’t miss out on any of the action!

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