The importance of values within the context of anti-doping education is highlighted in the definition of education in the Code:

“Education is the process of learning to instill values and develop behaviors that foster and protect the spirit of sport, and to prevent intentional and unintentional doping.”

Read more about the WDSF's "Principles and Values associated with Clean Sport".


Play True

Play True! is WADA’s slogan. Athletes who pledge to "play true" are committed to sport that is free from doping. By being part of the Play True Generation athletes in DanceSport commit to leading the way in promoting and ensuring clean sport.
WADA's Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game that tests athletes and their entourage’s knowledge about anti-doping. It is currently available in 36 languages. As an integral element of its Outreach Programme, WADA devoted considerable resources to the development of this interactive computer game which has been showcased at major events including the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and many international events.

Play True Quiz

Play True Youth

The Youth Quiz was developed to target a younger audience by providing them core anti-doping information that better suits their level. This interactive tool has been featured at the Youth Olympic Games and other youth events. The Youth Quiz is currently available in 34 languages.

Play True - Youth version

ADEL platform 


ADEL courses for athletes:

  • Privacy and Information Security Awareness for Athletes
  • Athlete's Guide to the 2021 Code 
  • At-a-Glance: Athlete Whereabouts 
  • At-a-Glance: Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)
  • At-a-Glance: Anti-Doping Overview
  • Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Testing - The Basics
  • Factsheet - Glucocorticoid Injections
  • ADEL for International-Level Athletes
  • Guide to the List 2023
  • ADEL for National-Level Athletes 
  • ADEL for Registered Testing Pool Athletes
  • Welcome to Sport Values
    • Respect
    • Equity
    • Inclusion
    • ADEL for Talented Level Athletes
    • Recertification course for International-Level Athletes/National Level-Athletes

ADEL courses for athlete support personnel:

  • ADEL for High Performance Coaches 
  • Factsheet for Medical Professionals - Glucocorticoid Injection
  • ADEL for Medical Professionals 
  • ADEL for Medical Professionals at Major Games 
  • ADEL for Parents of Elite Athletes 
  • Athlete Support Personnel Guide to the Code 2021
  • Sport Values in Every Classroom

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