WDSF Disciplinary Council

The Court for DanceSport

Consistent with the ideals of sports in general, WDSF expects its National Member Bodies, its athletes and adjudicators as well as the other WDSF officials to comply with the appropriate standards of ethics, moral and good behaviour and to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Furthermore, WDSF does not tolerate any discrimination based on political, religious or racial grounds, or grounds of sexual orientation, nor any violations of human rights.

IDSF Disciplinary Council To ensure that the highest ethical and moral standards are maintained, and that the conduct of all constituent groups adheres to the principles set forth in governing documents and codes, the 2006 IDSF General Meeting established the Disciplinary Council.

The Disciplinary Council is the autonomous jurisdictional organ of WDSF and solely entitled to render final and binding judgement in cases brought before it that arise from

  • Breach of the WDSF Statutes by a National Member Body, an athlete or an official
  • Breach of WDSF' rules, regulations, codes, policies and principles
  • Breach of ethical principles and rules, as defined by the WDSF Presidium
  • Acts of harassment
  • Violations of the WDSF Anti-Doping Code

Following its own Disciplinary Council Code, which is and integral part of the WDSF Statutes (article 20), the judicial organ proceeds in accordance with Swiss law and renders its verdicts in first and second instance. First instance judgements by the Council may be appealed before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

To file a formal complaint, the WDSF Disciplinary Council may be approached by

  • WDSF National Member Bodies
  • WDSF Athletes
  • WDSF Chairmen
  • WDSF Adjudicators
  • WDSF Competition Organisers
  • WDSF Anti-Doping Representatives

Formal complaints may be submitted by the above against

  • The WDSF Presidium or any individual member thereof
  • Any WDSF National Member Body
  • Any WDSF Athlete
  • Any WDSF Chairman
  • Any WDSF Adjudicator or any adjudicator being engaged in an WDSF competition
  • Any WDSF Competition Organiser
  • WDSF Anti-Doping Representatives
  • Any formal WDSF official

The WDSF Disciplinary Council is made up of nine members from different countries. They are elected by the General Meeting to a term of four years. The Council President and the Vice-Presidents have formal legal training and are qualified to practice law in their respective countries. Below are the members for the term 2023 to 2027.

Michael Shelton

Michael Shelton, ENG




  • Jens Grundei, GER
  • Daniel Fulica Horia, ROU


  • Habib Attalah, LEB
  • Lior Belenky, ISR
  • Selma Bennani, MOR
  • Roberto Cano, ARG
  • Magdalena Czarnocka-Kaptur, POL
  • Alexandr Makarov, EST

Code of the WDSF Disciplinary Council

Code of the WDSF Disciplinary Council (clean version) - Code of the WDSF Disciplinary Council (version with tracked chnages)
WDSF Internal Dispute Resolution Code (clean version) - WDSF Internal Dispute Resolution Code (version with tracked changes)

Formal decisions of the Council

WDSF DC - EDSA vs WDSF - Final Decision as of 2020 * 

* Following legal advice, the WDSF has decided to publish the following decision of the DC only in blacked out form. This is done to protect the personal rights of the persons explicitly named in the decision. Furthermore, the blackened passages are not relevant for the understanding of the decision.

 Vitaly Panteleev / Angelina Nechkhaeva - Anti Doping (2018-01-14)

Marco Sietas (2018-01-10)
Elizaveta Cherevichnaya - Anti Doping (2016-07-29)
Flora Bouchereau - Anti Doping (2014-07-15)
Croatian DanceSport Federation (2012-09-25) Supplement (2012-10-30)
Catalan DanceSport Federation (2012-08-03)
USA Dance vs IDSF (2011-04-30)
Olga Shcherbina - Anti Doping (2011-02-27)
Malaysian Dancesport Berhad vs IDSF (2010-06-07)
Boris Maltsev / Zarina Shamsutdinova - Anti Doping (2009-06-03)
Ivan Novikov - Anti Doping (2007-07-03)
Edita Daniute - Anti Doping (2006-11-17)