Chairperson's Handbook


In the interests of WDSF, Athletes, Officials and Organizers and the whole WDSF-DanceSport family, it is necessary to produce DanceSport competitions of the highest possible quality which preserve and support the constructive developments produced by others in the past.

In order to do so, a close and effective cooperation and working relationship between Chairperson, Organizers and other people in a competition, is vitally important.

Development and improvement of WDSF DanceSport is only possible if every inadequacy is reported honestly and objectively regardless of the closeness of personal relationships between Chairmen and Organizers, because only an impartial, objective approach to errors, development and governance will assist future Chairmen and Organizers to avoid the same problems which are discovered and solved elsewhere.

It is also in the interests of the WDSF DanceSport family that all WDSF Chairperson make clear, objectively consistent decisions in all WDSF-granted competitions in accordance with the rules and regulations of WDSF and the Operating Policies of the WDSF Presidium, in cooperation with the WDSF Sports Director.

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WDSF Chairperson's Handbook