Official's License Application

The WDSF has streamlined the process of applying for a WDSF Official's license, i.e Adjudicator/Judge, Chairperson, Scrutiny, DJ and Head-Judge licenses.

License Application

The process to acquire such a license is the following:

  1. The National Member Body (NMB) administrator submits an online application though the Registration and Licensing System (RLS).
    This consists of
    1. the application indicating the applicant's name and providing basic information
    2. a questionnaire about the applicant's experience and education (not required for some licenses)
  2. Once both of these forms have been submitted the WDSF Academy will review them and either:
    1. Approves them and the application goes to step c)
    2. Rejects one or both and then the NMB is notified and can update the application and/or questionnaire (step a)
  3. The applicant (future official) will be sent a user name and password to access the WDSF website.
  4. The applicant will be sent a link to the WDSF website, where he/she can log in with the user name and password from step c to provide additional identifying information (proof of nationality, contact details, etc.) and submit it for review.
  5. Once this information has been submitted the WDSF Academy will review it and either:
    1. Approves it and the application goes to step f)
    2. Rejects it and the applicant will then be notified about this and can update the information as necessary.
  6. The WDSF Academy will submit the application for approval to the internal Approval Officers and they will either:
    1. Approve it and the application goes to step g)
    2. Reject it and further steps will be determined case-by-case
  7. If the applicant has applied for an Adjudicator license and is not exempt from the WDSF Technical Examination, he/she will be required to attend a WDSF Technical Examination for each applied discipline (see section WDSF Technical Examination).
    All other applications continue with step h)
  8. The applicant is notified by email that he/she can now register to a congress by using the user name and password from step c)
    Using any other user name to register to a congress or registering as an observer is not permitted and will not count towards the education for the applied license.
  9. Once the applicant has paid the congress entry fee, visited the congress and passed any required tests the WDSF Academy will send the applicant an email with a link to pay the annual WDSF official's license fee.
    An official might have to attend multiple congresses to achieve the required qualifications.
  10. As soon as the annual license fee is paid the official's license will be activated for a predetermined period of time as defined in the WDSF Financial Rules.

WDSF Technical Examination

Technical examinations are required for WDSF Adjudicator licenses and need to be taken for both disciplines (Standard and Latin). Exemptions to these examinations are given to applicants from NMBs which have a Pre-Qualified Education System in place and the applicants have attained the required approved PQES qualification.

  1. The applicant will receive a link to the WDSF website where he/she can manage the Technical Examination(s) using the user name and password from above step c.
  2. The applicant is required to make the examination fee payment to the WDSF.
  3. After a successful payment, the applicant will be able to choose from a list of Examiners and will be provided the contact details of the Examiner to decide on:
    1. The date of the examination
    2. The location of the examination
    3. The discipline to be examined on
  4. The chosen examiner is notified and needs to confirm the proposed date and location on the WDSF website.
    • If the examiner rejects the date and location continue with step b)
    • If the examiner confirms the date and location continue with step d)
  5. The information is submitted to the WDSF Academy and they either:
    1. Approve the schedule and the examination proceeds to step d)
    2. Reject the schedule and the applicant can re-schedule an examination at step b)
  6. The applicant is then beeing notified by email about the confirmed examination date and location.
  7. Once the Technical Examination has been conducted, the Examiner will submit the examination results to the WDSF Academy for review. The Academy will then either:
    1. Accept the examination(s) and the applicant will continue in above section at step h).
    2. Reject the examination(s) and the applicant will have to attend an additional examination continuing at step a).