RLS Management


What is the RLS?

The Registration and Licensing System provides the national member bodies a means to manage their athletes, couples, teams and officials in the WDSF competition system.

Each member body has assigned a person responsable to manage their members in the RLS.

How is the RLS used?

The RLS is a completely web based management system. All functions can be accessed by the national administrator once he/she has been granted access to the WDSF administration website.

The screencasts (videos) below exaplain all tasks a national administrator needs to execute:



Process WDSF e-Card applications for athletes joining the WDSF.

WDSF e-Card renewals

Two month before an athlete's license expires the WDSF sends and email to the athlete which contains a link to the renewal form.
Should the athlete not have renewed the license two weeks before it expires, a final email is sent with the national administrator in copy.

  • Accept a renewal
  • Deny a renewal
  • Find the link to the renewal form if the athlete has not received it/lost it.

Should an athlete not renew the license within 3 month of the license expiring then the renewal link is deleted.

  • Create a new renewal link for an existing WDSF athlete

Managing athletes

Due to the fact that WDSF e-Cards are mandatory for athletes to participate in WDSF sanctioned competitions, it is not possible to add athletes to the RLS directly. Once the athletes have applied for the WDSF e-Card and the national administrator has accepted their application they will appear in the RLS automatically.

Managing couples

Managing teams

Managing transfers

All transfers initiated as above will complete automatically after one (1) month if no action is taken from the other party involved. By following the steps explained below a transfer can be completed faster and the couples can dance earlier.

Registering to a WDSF congress

All existing WDSF officials can sign up to a congress themselves and do not need to go through their national member body.
The congress fee must be paid by the official directly when signing up.

Watch this tutorial for how to sign up as an existing license holder.

For new applicants of a WDSF official's license or observers at a WDSF congress, the registration can only be done by the WDSF NMB. The NMB can pay for the applicant online or delegate the payment to the applicant.

This tutorial shows all steps required by the NMB to sign up.