Competition Registration System

Manage your competition participants on the WDSF website

The WDSF Competition Registration System (CRS) is part of the fully integrated WDSF data management.
The main features of the WDSF CRS are:

  • Single registration point for all WDSF competitions
  • Registration fee payments
  • Registration management for organiser
  • Scrutiny support

Single registration point

Many couples have contacted the WDSF complaining that they cannot find the place where to register for a competition. By providing a competition registration on the WDSF website through the WDSF calendar all couples will be able to go to the same place when they want to register for a competition.

With the knowledge of all WDSF competition registrations the couples can be blocked to register at multiple events at the same time.
Couples are only able to register to competitions which match their age group and division.

Registration fee payment

As an organizer it is disappointing to have many registrations but then have to realize that only few of the registered couple show up. By asking the couples to pay a registration fee they commit stronger to participate at the event.

Registration management

An organiser can manage the payments of the registration and contact couples by email directly through the CRS.
Additional information about competitions and payments are freely editable by the organizer.

Scrutiny support

Many scrutiny spend a lot of unnecessary time processing the registrations they have received from the organiser. Through the WDSF CRS they will be able to download the participant list directly from the WDSF website.
It won’t be necessary for the scrutiny to contact the national member bodies should there be any problems with a registration as all issues have already been solved during the time the couple registered.
All scrutiny will be able to use the same way to receive the participants list.

To learn more about the CRS and find out about fees and requirements please download the manual.