Code of Ethics

The intent of this Code is to ensure that DanceSport is practised and administered under ideal conditions, which is more than just being in compliance with Rules and Regulations.
The values and principles written in this Code reflect the common ethical basis of any person involved in DanceSport. In this regard, the WDSF restates its commitment to the Olympic Charter and in particular its fundamental principles. The WDSF affirms its loyalty to the Olympic ideal inspired by Pierre de Coubertin.

All persons related to the WDSF shall undertake to comply with and ensure respect of this Code at all times. The conduct of persons bound by this Code is required to reflect the fact that they support the principles and objectives embodied therein. Therefore, everyone who is subject to this Code is responsible to be familiar with the terms of this Code and particularly with the definitions of conduct or omissions which may constitute a violation of this Code.

WDSF Code of Ethics