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Zharkov - Kulikova Games Qualifier Podium

Zharkov - Kulikova (RUS) to win the Games Qualifier

07/12/2021 more...

Balan – Moshenska crowned 2021 World Latin Champions 

The new World Latin Champions were crowned on Saturday in Pforzheim, Germany.

06/12/2021 more...

Ayumi, Victor crowned 2021 World Champions in Paris

Fantastic day of 1vs1 battles featured 204 Breakers from over 50 countries

05/12/2021 more...
Anti-Doping banner

WDSF launches WADA-Supported "Dance Clean" programme

Dance Clean is a long-term anti-doping education programmewhose first phase is expected to conclude by 2024.

04/12/2021 more...

Cancellation World Championship Formation STD

After receiving this sad news the organiser directly informed all registered Formation teams and their trainers about the cancellation of the World Championship.

02/12/2021 more...

Paris set to Host 2021 World Breaking Championship

The biggest event of 2021 will see some 200 Breakers competing in 1vs1 battles

02/12/2021 more...

Busy weekends in WDSF DanceSport continue

New World Ten Dance Champions were crowned just a week ago in Poland, and more World titles are up for grabs this weekend.

01/12/2021 more...

Learn at home with the WDSF Academy!

Bjorn Bitsch & Ashli Williamson | Drive action in Standard


This video lecture of the WDSF Academy is presented by a wonderful partnership, both in life and on the dance floor, Björn Bitch and Ashli ​​Williamson. Having recently completed their competitive career, Björn and Ashli ​​have won 10 World Championship titles, including World Professional Standard, World Professional 10-dance and World Professional Show Dance Championships. In the lecture, Björn and Ashli ​​will talk about Drive action in Standard. #WDSFacademy #WeAreDanceSport #WDSFdancesport #wdsf #standarddance

Pedro Toro ntXjvzcAEHU

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Aldaev - Polukhina, FDSARR | 2021 World Latin Pforzheim, GER | R2 J


Anton Aldaev - Natalia Polukhina, FDSARR, dance the Jive in round 2 of the 2021 World Latin in Pforzheim, GER, on 4 December.

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