Nello Setti - Therese Sandra Francois

General information

Nello Setti   (10134080)
Therese Sandra Francois   (10134081)
Dancing for
Joined on
27 April 2021
Current age group
Senior V
Current status

212. in Senior IV - Standard with 192 points

5. in Senior V - Standard with 967 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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Present20 April 2024OpenStandardSenior VNice - France
10.22130 March 2024OpenStandardSenior VPistoia - Italy
Excused10 March 2024OpenStandardSenior VSofia - Bulgaria
2.39211 February 2024OpenStandardSenior VAntwerp - Belgium
7.14427 October 2023OpenStandardSenior VPlatja d'Aro - Spain
7.19216 September 2023OpenStandardSenior IVLa Louviere - Belgium
5.21016 September 2023OpenStandardSenior VLa Louviere - Belgium
13.14018 February 2023OpenStandardSenior IVPaestum - Italy
24.6908 January 2023OpenStandardSenior IVCossirano di Trenzano (BS) - Italy
42.2512 November 2022International OpenStandardAdultCastellanza - Italy
76.1329 October 2022World ChampionshipStandardSenior IVPlatja d'Aro - Spain
Excused16 April 2022International OpenStandardAdultChiasso - Switzerland
Excused15 April 2022OpenStandardSenior IVChiasso - Switzerland
5.20007 November 2021OpenStandardSenior IIISibiu - Romania
4.22007 November 2021OpenStandardSenior IVSibiu - Romania
14.11315 October 2021OpenStandardSenior IVRotterdam - Netherlands
29.14 May 2021OpenStandardSenior IVCastellanza - Italy