WDSF PD Title Competition Grantings for 2022.

Granted PD Title Competitions

CompetitionAge groupDisciplineDateWhere
World ChampionshipAdultShow Dance Latin24/07/2022Vienna, Austria
Super Grand PrixAdultLatin09/08/2022Stuttgart, Germany
Super Grand PrixAdultStandard11/08/2022Stuttgart, Germany
World ChampionshipAdultTen Dance27/08/2022Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
European ChampionshipAdultLatin18/09/2022Szombathely, Hungary
World CupMaster Class IStandard14/10/2022Rotterdam, Netherlands
World CupMaster Class IIStandard14/10/2022Rotterdam, Netherlands
World CupMaster Class IIIStandard14/10/2022Rotterdam, Netherlands
World ChampionshipAdultShow Dance Standard15/10/2022Leipzig, Germany
World ChampionshipAdultLatin15/10/2022Leipzig, Germany
World ChampionshipAdultStandard23/10/2022Toronto, Canada
European ChampionshipAdultStandard02/12/2022Cagliari, Italy

Pending PD Title Competitions

Before you apply for a WDSF PD Title Competition please download and complete the WDSF PD Application form for title competitions and WDSF Championships with TV Broadcast - World Latin, World Standard, World Ten Dance, European Latin and European Standard.

CompetitionAge groupDisciplineCandidates
World ChampionshipMaster ClassStandard
World ChampionshipMaster ClassLatin
Asian ChampionshipAdultStandard
Asian ChampionshipAdultLatin
European CupAdultStandard
European CupAdultLatin
World CupAdultStandard
World CupAdultLatin
World CupMaster Class ILatin
World CupMaster Class IILatin
World CupMaster Class IIILatin