The WDSF API was created to reduce the human work and error involved in transmitting WDSF competition results to the WDSF website.

As a side-effect it has also created the oportunity for 3rd part consumers such as DanceSport related websites to access the WDSF competition results in an easy and structured way.

The WDSF API is documented in a dedicated Wiki. Should you be interested to access it please contact out .

The main users of the WDSF API are:


A scrutiny accesses the WDSF API to find out if an athlete is permitted to dance in a WDSF competition. Once the competition has started the scrutiny can upload the current results live from the venue so the visitors of the WDSF website and of course all athletes on site can follow the progress instantly.

To do this a scrutiny must use a WDSF certified scrutiny software.

Other use cases