WDSF website

The WDSF website provides the following services to its vistors:


Each athelte receives a user name and password after they have applied for a WDSF ID-Card. With these they can updated a profile page which can be used to attract sponsors or just feed the curiosity of the general public.

Couples and WDSF competition organziers

WDSF competition organziers can acquire for a small fee the WDSF Competition Registration System (CRS) which allows them to use a standardized way for couples to register to their competitions. License checks, couple age group verfication, registration fee payments and communcation tools are all included in this service.

National administrators

Each WDSF member body assigns a person to manage the WDSF athletes of their country in the WDSF IT system.
The tasks of the this administrator range from managing WDSF ID-Cards, to managing team members.