WDSF Ethics Committee

The WDSF Ethics Committee is an independent body within the structure of the World DanceSport Federation. It investigates alleged violations of the WDSF Code of Ethics and provides its opinions on any and all issues arising from the implementation of the latter. Furthermore, the Committee watches over the provisions in the Code and suggests amendments, if these should become necessary.

The Chairperson and four Members make up the Ethics Committee. The General Meeting elects all five on the basis of their impeccable reputation and their significant involvement in sports. However, it is an important distinguishing mark of the Committee’s composition that the Chairperson and minimum two of its Members may not be involved in DanceSport beyond their membership in the Committee.

The General Meeting held on 9 June 2019 in Budapest, Hungary, elected the following persons to the WDSF Ethics Committee: 


  • The Honorable Sandra Nori, AUS - Former Australian Minister for Tourism and Sport and Recreation


  • Thomas Eriksson, SWE - President of The International Floorball Federation, Member of the Board of Directors in The Swedish Sports Confederation
  • Poul-Eric Hoyer, DEN - International Olympic Committee Member, President of the Badminton World Federation
  • Brian Nook, USA - Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Palmer College of Chiropractic West (PCCW) in San Jose, California
  • Viktorija Tomic, SLO - Assistanct Professor, MD, PhD, specialist in clinical microbiology at University Clinic of  Respiratory  and  Allergic  Diseases Golnik (SLO)


  • Anatol Kotau, BLR - President of the Belarus DanceSport Alliance

The 2021 the WDSF General Meeting elected George Tan (MAS) as the Secretary of the Ethics Committee for a period of four years. In this capacity, Mr. Tan serves as the first point of contact for the committee and relays incoming complaints and related information to the committee members.

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George Tan, MAS

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Code of the WDSF Ethics Committee

The Code of the WDSF Ethics Committee governs the Committee’s work, it defines the procedures for the conduct of the investigations, and it describes how reports to the Committee can be filed by anyone.

Code of the WDSF Ethics Committee

Formal decisions of the WDSF Ethics Committee