Competition Rules

Competition Rules

The WDSF Competition Rules apply to all international WDSF DanceSport competitions granted to and organised under the responsibility of an WDSF National Member Body, including but not limited to competitions in Standard, Latin-American, Artistic Dance, Caribbean Dances, Folkloric Dances, Performing Art Dances, Smooth Dance, Urban Dances, Disco Dance. Rules for Rock 'n' Roll and a number of other dance styles/forms are administered by the WDSF Associate Members, the World Rock’n Roll Confederation (WRRC), and by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) for Para DanceSport.

The Competition Rules below are in effect since 17 June 2018.

WDSF Competition Rules

ShowDance Rules Clarification

WDSF Competition Rules B5 appendix

 WDSF Showdance Rules valid until December 31st 2018 in parallel with the current WDSF Showdance Rules

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