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Final Results

Here are the results of the Final that was danced just now. Information we received from the floor is still sketchy, but one couple - Andrey Gusev and Elizaveta Cherevichnaya from Russia - has apparently been disqualified on the grounds of incompliance with the WDSF Dress Regulations.

Only five couples have been marked in the final.

1. 19 Aniello Langella / Khrystyna Moshenska Italy

2. 18 Gabriele Pasquale Goffredo / Anna Matus Moldova

3. 16 Zufar Zaripov / Anna Ludwig-Tchemodourova Austria

4. 1 Klemen Prasnikar / Alexandra Averkieva Slovenia

5. 3 Roman Gerbey / Vera Bondareva Ukraine