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A Struggle For Success ...ion! First Part

Not to be missed! With the end of every dynasty starts the struggle over succession! When Alexey Silde and Anna Firstova, RUS, vacated their throne in January 2011 by turning pro after the Pforzheim International Open, the couples with aspirations to succeed the two-time world champions had lined up – for some time already. Not all of them opted to dance the Copenhagen Grand Slam, but Europe’s best did gather in Marseille, FRA, to fight it out for the vacant continental title …

WDSF, still IDSF then, Communications was present too and produced live coverage plus The Final Reel below …


csDQ5SsuT9A|The Final Reel


Five of the six couples dancing in the 8-minute highlight on the final of the 2011 IDSF European DanceSport Championship will dance the World Latin on Saturday too. Only Vladimir Karpov and Maria Tzaptashvilli, RUS, did not make it to Singapore.