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A Struggle For Success ...ion! Second Part

Not to be missed! Part two of the “Struggle for Success …ion” continues in the chronological order of those competitions that pitched the top contenders dancing tomorrow for the vacant Latin throne against each other.

After the 2011 European Latin in Marseille, FRA, it appeared that a new order had been established, that the succession of Alexey Silde and Anna Firstova had been settled.

The new European Champions did win on a few occasions against some of the other Marseille finalists: at the International Open in Tallinn, EST, and the Seoul, KOR, International Open for instance. But in the Chengdu, CHN, Grand Slam they came in second to Aniello Langella and Khrystyna Moshenska, ITA, and the last showdown in Stuttgart, GER, they did not enter. The Stuttgart Grand Slam was won by

  • Andrey Zaytsev and Anna Kuzminskaya, RUS, ahead of
  • Aniello Langella and Khrystina Moshenska, ITA, and third-placed
  • Martino Zanibellato and Michelle Abildstrup, DEN.

That should make tomorrow’s clash between all of these couples even more unpredictable. What we can do here is show you the solo Jive in Stuttgart for the three listed above and the solo Jive by Zoran and Tatsiana in Marseille. Just to tie you over until tomorrow …