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Shattered Records

DanceSport Total, WDSF YT channel This we simply must share with you without any delay. Above all, because YOU are responsible for it to happen in the first place. The WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total TOTALLY shattered all existing records for number of videos viewed over the past three days. And we continue to peak ... Earlier today, the channel was ranked

# 1 among the YouTube Partners

# 2 among the YouTube Directors

# 2 among all YouTube channels

in what is our primary territory, simply because we have the channel registered here (and an office in Sant Cugat near Barcelona), in Spain. Putting all of it into perspective, we left some of the most successful YouTube channels and some of the most global brands in all of sports (Real Madrid CF) behind us. Who would have thought that this could be achieved with DanceSport? Well, it can. Thanks to YOU! That we had to succumb to the FC Barcelona channel and did not make into # 1 across all categories, that is not a problem at all ... Barcelona plays football they way the top couples in the 2011 World Latin dance: in search of the ultimate perfection.

Are You?

FC Barcelona