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Much More Still To Come

2011 WDSF World Standard Moscow © Roland The reason WDSF Communications keeps this blog active even four days after the memorable World Standard in Moscow, RUS, is that there are still heaps of unedited material you should not miss out on.

The host broadcaster of the championship, Channel One Russia, very generously provided WDSF with a line cut of their coverage: quarterfinal, semi-final and final. More than one hour of top-quality recordings will still go up here and on the WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total. On top of that, there are still many more recordings of the first two rounds, of couples from around the world.

All in all, we can safely make this claim at this point already:

"The 2011 World Championship Standard will go down as the best exposed and most widely watched DanceSport event to date."


qqJwdq2qKBM|The Semi-Final