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Placing 7th Through 12th

We almost forgot to publish the standing from 7th to 12th place.

7/8 B Team Klaipeda University Team Zuvedra, LIT (Nr 9)

7/8 Mechta Krasnodar, RUS - Pirates (16)

9 Double V, NED (11)

10-12 A Team Gala TE, HUN- Pink(6)

10-12 Botafogo, HUN (7)

10-12 Dance East/ I am yours, NED (10)

Furthermore, you will have observed that we are uploading the Round 2 videos in an unusual format. Two reasons: there's so much material we have on backlog that editing and uploading them in HD would have you stay up until dawn. So we upload them first in SD ... and bring you the HD version tomorrow and over the coming days.

Here you have Vera Tyumen, RUS, performing their routine "Around the World" in Round 2 of the 2012 WDSF European DanceSport Championship Latin Formation.