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29 October - Moscow, RUS

For the 2017 GrandSlam Standard Moscow, too, the host broadcaster of the Russian Open Championships - the country's #1 sports channel Match TV - will produce the decisive stages, i.e. semi-final and final. They also cover a number of WDSF Opens (PD, JUN I and JUN II). The webcast is scheduled to start at 18:00 Moscow time (UTC +3 h) and should end at around 21:30. A short opening ceremony will lead into the semi-finals of a PD Open LAT, JUN I and JUN II Opens and - just prior to 19:00 - the semi-final of the GrandSlam Standard.

For yesterday's broadcasts we are happy to report on huge viewing audiences: more than 35,000 were watching for an average period of 25 minutes. Let's see how today's will be received. The signal quality will again be stunning - probably unlike anything else you have seen in the past. Russia is setting new standards for production!

The LIVE STREAM has been removed for rights reason.

faZKh2rFS98|Zharkov - Kulikova, RUS | 2017 GS STD Moscow | R3 SF