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Champions of Champions

Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova, RUS © Roland

When Dmitry and Olga came off the floor after the Quickstep of the final – after acknowledging their score of just over 39 points and a close embrace – they both went separate ways, each trying to get a grasp of what had just happened. Crouched and with the head between his hands, Dima seemed to take longer than his partner, who stood with her head bowed and the hands at the waist in the doorway to the corridors. It was a scene much in contrast to what everyone had come to expect after recalling Dima’s exuberance in Vilnius, back in 2015, and Olgas composure last year in Vienna.

When we asked about this subdued reaction to what was their third consecutive World Champion title, Olga tried to put it all into perspective. “All that the spectators - even you - get to see is what we do on the floor,” she said. “Nobody knows what is behind it all and can hardly appreciate the emotions of a moment like this.”

That is probably why both triple champions were very much reluctant to answer our question whether they would keep at it, trying to achieve what no other couple in WDSF history had done: winning a fourth title.

Dima and Olga will take it one step at the time. The next two times when we shall see them will be at the GrandSlam Moscow and at the Series-ending “Final Showdown in Shanghai.” We are sure that they will miss Simone and Annette on both occasions!

tEbL4Ltbz5c|Zharkov - Kulikova, RUS | 2017 World Standard R1 SF