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Pay Attention!

9 September - Chengdu, CHN © Roland

A private initiative seeks to draw the attention of the media and the government to the achievements of Russian athletes in DanceSport. By listing the achievements of the dancers representing the All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll over the course of one single weekend a strong case is made.

Think about it: in Chengdu, CHN, Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova won gold in Standard, Anton Aldaev - Natalia Polukhina gold in the World ShowDance Latin, Fedor Poliansky - Dina Akhmetgareeva bronze in the same event, and Dmitry Pleshkov - Anastasia Kulbeda won silver in World ShowDance Standard. That's quite a medal haul already. But then there were major championships held in Bratislava, SVK, too. German Pugachev - Ariadna Tishova and Ivan Reshetnikov - Elizaveta Kharinova won gold an silver, respectively, at the World JUN II Standard. And Maxim Pugachev - Kira Oxas won silver at the European Youth Standard.

No international Rock 'n' Roll competitions were held over the past weekend, otherwise we would probably need to add to the list.

For a petition to the media, the Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, initiator Irina Filip seeks to gather 1,000 signatures on to bring the attention of Russian mass media and government to "champions who are worthy of attention too."

Sign the petition: Петиция "Обратите внимание на танцевальный спорт РФ"