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A brief search on our YouTube videos of “Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson” results in at least 200 videos, the oldest dating back to 2009. No, we weren’t hacked, this Danish couple has been around for quite a long time, 15 years! Having covered Adult Standard, Latin and Ten Dance for about a decade, they retired from this category one month ago in Chengdu, after becoming World Champions of ShowDance Standard.

Yesterday’s World Ten Dance PD marked the couple’s second competition as pros. More importantly, yesterday was the first time after 2013 that Bjorn and Ashli were competing with Latin dances, as they had decided to focus on Standard for their last four years in Adult.

When asked about their plans and expectations within the PD, Bitsch and Williamson say that nothing is too clear yet. However, what is certain is that they have started strong – with a third place in their first World Standard in Prague and now a victory in their first PD Worrld Ten Dance in Marseille.