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Sochi Revisited

Sochi 2018 © Lena

Top-level DanceSport in contrasting disciplines marked the weekend of 24 and 25 February in Sochi, RUS. WDSF was able to bring you two live streams with all the action from the Ice Cube, the curling venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Everybody who had the opportunity to watch some of it would have to agree that the competitions and their setting were of an oustanding quality. Well done, dancers and organisers!

Anastasia Titkova, the international liaison officer of the All Russian Federation for DanceSport and Rock 'n' Roll, put it all into perspective, when she posted on Facebook: "Four years ago, at about the same time, the Olympics took place in Sochi! Now we had our own Olympics there. We were all together again! Old and new friends! European sportsmen, coaches and officials came to visit us."

If you missed it: highlight programmes on the European Championships in Youth Latin and Standard Formation are still in the pipelines.

More DanceSport is coming your way with the 2018 GrandSlam Helsinki starting on 3 March.