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Semi-Final In Progress

Debrecen, HUN - !2 May © Roland

The semi-final has started, second heat Samba is on the floor. Who's in? Check the results right here.

Vincenzo Mariniello - Sara Casini, ITA, were the unfortunate dancers who missed out narrolwy, finishing this European in 13th place.

Germany, Romania and Russia have each two couples in the final. Miculescu Ionut Alexandru - Pacurar Andra, ROU, who defeated the Italians  Mariniello - Casini in the recent European Cup in Moscow, RUS, are probably the suprise among the semi-finalists.

We did have a problem with our live stream during the quarterfinal, but it's transmitting well at this point. We keep our fingers crossed.


0NEQm8pqu2U|Mariniello - Casini, ITA | 2018 European LAT | R1 PD