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The Semley Perspective | 2018 GS LAT Stuttgart

Peter, Dmitry and Olga © Castanyer

We are honoured to have DanceSport legend and WDSF Presidium Member Peter Maxwell on location here in Stuttgart. Peter helps us in the development of a concept that we hope to establish as a permanent feature in (nearly) all of our future **** and ***** productions for Instead of a running commentary over spectacular imagery and quality sound, we prefer to have a recognised expert address matters that he or she considers topical with regards to a particular competition - immediately prior to and after it is taking place. Always in a separate segment. The rest of the information we would want the masters of ceremony and our elaborate graphics to provide to our viewers on

Here is what Peter had to say in the lead-up to the decisive stages of the 2018 GrandSlam Latin Stuttgart. We have brought the second edition of "The Semley Perspective" in front of the payment wall for you to see what to expect behind it.

"Semley" refers to name of what was long considered the most popular studio worldwide. Peter Maxwell was the "Semley Studio" in London.

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