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A new day, the Latin day!

Rimini view

It was such an exciting day yesterday with the Standard SuperStars, who made the crowd go wild with their superb performance and presence. And it will be the same today, as the Latin Superstars hit the floor.

The first round begins at 11:15 CET, which is in an hour. The twelve star couples, however, start their competition at 15:30, from the second round. The star couples are:

Anton Aldaev - Natalia Polukhina, RUS
Marius-Andrei Balan - Khrystyna Moshenska, GER
Marek Bures - Anastasiia Iermolenko, CZE
Konstantin Gorodilov - Dominika Bergmannova, EST
Andrey Gusev - Vera Bondareva, RUS
Timur Imametdinov - Nina Bezzubova, GER
Jakub Lipowski - Diandra-Aniella Illes, POL
Edgar Marcos Borjas - Alina Nowak, POL
Paul Moldovan - Cristina Tatar, ROU
Charles-Guillaume Schmitt - Elena Salikhova, FRA
Winson Tam - Anastasia Novikova, CAN
Armen Tsaturyan - Svetlana Gudyno, RUS

One of the recent finalist couples is not here, Andrea Silvestri - Martina Varadi (HUN) are missing the third leg of the GrandSlam Series.

We will start the day with two interviews, the first one with Evgeny Moshenin - Dana Spitsyna (RUS) and the second one with Timur and Nina, who also had their share of the delayed flights on Friday.