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Evgeny and Dana in an interview

Evgeny Moshenin - Dana Spitsyna (RUS)

A day after the competition, and there was no sight of an exhaustment or tiredness on their faces when we met Evgeny and Dana on Sunday morning. The couple had enjoyed the event very much and appreciated the spectators for being so supportive, starting already from round 1.

Like we already mentioned earlier, the couple had a pretty nerve-wracking trip to Rimini. Their flight was delayed, and when they finally landed and went to pick up their rental car, it wasn't ready yet! It meant even more waiting for them at the airport. They arrived to the hotel hours later than it was planned.

We also found out that Dana is a business woman, and Evgeny is in his dream job right now. And we learned a lot more of them. We'll be sharing the best parts of the interview after some editing work.

Reinhard Egli has been busy with his camera yesterday, and we will soon start uploading more of his fabulous photos on this blog. And another interview is scheduled really soon, so stay tuned!