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The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremonies on Saturday will have some very special performances by the GrandSlam Final couples, as they have prepared some short introduction performances with one or two their fellow couples to a music they chose by themselves. It could be anything from Reggeaton, Salsa or James Bond -tunes to a beautiful Viennese Waltz.

For all of you expecting to watch the event live from Shanghai, we have some bad news, but also some good news. Unfortunately we had to go for the plan B, which means that during this weekend in Shanghai, due to the numerous blockings which we are experiencing from China, the videos will be available at 2 hours after they started.

It means we are not *exactly* live, but we will record the live program and upload it as soon as possible, without any editing or delays to DanceSportTotal. So there will be a short gap between the live events and the program on DanceSportTotal. We apologize for this force majeure.

For every downside there is an upside, too. And in this case we are thrilled to see the Best of the Best performing in Shanghai, and impressing the Chinese spectators. And we are more than happy that we had this plan B in our pockets, just in case...