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The title holders

Armen Tsaturyan - Svetlana Gudyno (RUS) © Egli

Just like Armen and Svetlana defended their WDSF GrandSlam Series title successfully yesterday, so did the two other World Champions at their events in Germany and Spain on Saturday.

Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (GER) won their second consecutive World Championship title in their home town, Bremen (GER) at the 2019 WDSF World Championship Formation Latin. With a margin of 1.166 points in scores they defended their title successfully against Vera Tyumen Latin Team (RUS) and DUET-A Perm (RUS). The difference in scores between the Russian formations was 0.167 points. Interestingly, DUET-A Perm was ahead of Vera Tyumen Latin Team after the semifinal, but the rankings changed at the final.

At the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior III Latin in Guadalajara (ESP), Manuel Ramirez – Julia Lopez (ESP) won their second consecutive World title with unanimous marks from the Adjudicator panel, as the panel ranked them as winners of all dances of the final. The runners-up, Oleg Eskov – Julia Mikhina (RUS) were awarded their first World Championship medals, the silver ones, and the Finnish couple Petri Järvinen – Ulla Järvinen won the bronze.

In Zielona Gora (POL), Strategic Brilliant (RUS) won the 2019 WRRC World Championship Rock’n’Roll Formation Main Class. Home Alone (HUN) won the World Cup in Rock’n’Roll Formation Juniors and the Szupergirls (HUN) won the World Cup Rock’n’Roll Formation Ladies. The World Cup title for Rock’n’Roll Dance Show Couples went also to Hungary, to Zoltan Lakics – Nikolett Lakicsne-Haramia.

Congratulations for the World Champions and the runners-up, and the World Cup winners and the runners-up!

Back in Shanghai, we are getting ready for the 2019 WDSF GrandSlam Series Standard. New Series winners will be crowned this year, and the expectations are high as the couples will surely show another level in their performances. Just like the Latin couples did yesterday.

We are sticking with the Plan B regarding the program tonight on DanceSportTotal. We will record and upload, which means the program is going out about two hours after it started in real life. And, we will do it this way as due to the numerous blockings which we are experiencing in China we are not able to send the signal out in real time.


GrandSlam Standard Round 1 is scheduled at 19:25Hrs local time (12:25 CET)
GrandSlam Standard Semi-final is scheduled at 20.25Hrs local time (13:25 CET)
GrandSlam Standard final is scheduled at 21:35Hrs local time (14:25 CET)