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The jewels of the City of Tyumen

Vera Tyumen, RUS | © Roland

Vera Tyumen Standard Team (RUS), the jewels of the City of Tyumen, made the hundreds of parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and families of the team happy like never before on Saturday. The record-setting fifth World title, the fourth in a row, came with their programme Champions League, which earned them a total score of 36.958.

The trainer, chief and father of the Vera family, Mr. Aleksey Litvinov appreciated the support in Megasport arena saying the warmth of the crowd increased the temperature in the hall three to five degrees. ”Everything was on good level”, he said, and the team behind him agreed with a loud ”Da!”

”It was a great feeling to be performing in front of a home crowd. Every person was sending us part of their hearts. Even if you had lost power because you were tired, with this atmosphere in the sports hall it was perfect”, he said. ”The fifth World title means that we are still strong enough, and I think we will continue!”

The runners-up, Duet Perm Standard Team (RUS) succeeded in their first World Championship and won silver with a total score of 36.450.

It was, however, extremely tight between the third and the fourth place. The two German formations were tied in three of the four components, and the minimal difference in scores, 0.084 points, came in one component only, Technical Quality, in favour of TSC Schwarz-Gold d. ASC Göttingen 1846 (GER), leaving Braunschweiger TSC (GER) to the fourth place.

Danza Brno (CZE) and DSV Sway of Life (NED) reached the final in their first World Championship and they ranked fifth and sixth, respectively.