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Vera Tyumen Standard Team, for the fifth time

2019 World Championship Formation Standard SF © Melnikova

Fourth in a row, fifth in total: Vera Tyumen Standard Team (RUS) made history in Moscow. Aleksey Litvinov orchestrated the formation to another heights and to the fifth World title for Vera Tyumen Standard Team with 36.958 points for their program Champions League.

The silver medals were awarded to Duet Perm Standard Team (RUS). The formation received 36.450 points.

As it was anticipated, the margins were very small. The difference in scores between the Bronze medalists, TSC Schwarz-Gold d. ASC Gottingen 1846 (GER) and Braunschweiger TSC, which ranked fourth, was only 0.084 points. By the look of the scores of different components, the two formations were tied in three of them and the difference appeared for the Technical Quality.

The final result:
1. Vera Tyumen Standard Team (RUS)
2. Duet Perm Standard Team (RUS)
3. TSC Schwarz-Gold d. ASC Gottingen 1846 (GER)
4. Braunschweiger TSC (GER)
5. Danza Brno (CZE)
6. DSV Sway of Life (NED)