Andrea Silvestri - Francesca Berardi

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Andrea Silvestri   (10004729)
Francesca Berardi   (10004730)
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Joined on
01 February 2003
Retired on:
07 November 2004
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14.5306 November 2004International OpenLatinAdultZuerich - Switzerland
3.8125 September 2004OpenLatinAdultAriccia - Italy
8.9008 May 2004International OpenLatinAdultIzola - Slovenia
6.5013 March 2004OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
4.5501 February 2004OpenLatinAdultBassano - Italy
9.8029 November 2003International OpenLatinAdultMalta - Spain
21.01 November 2003International OpenLatinAdultZuerich - Switzerland
14.2019 October 2003OpenLatinAdultMilano - Italy
9.16 August 2003International OpenLatinAdultEsch-Alzette - Luxembourg
9.16 August 2003International OpenLatinAdultEsch-Alzette - Luxembourg
9.8016 August 2003International OpenLatinAdultEsch Sur Alzette - Luxembourg
28.29 June 2003International OpenLatinAdultAlassio - Italy
56.23 June 2003International OpenLatinAdultCervia - Italy
5.01 May 2003OpenLatinAdultCasale Monferrato - Italy
5.5301 May 2003OpenLatinAdultCasale Monferrato - Italy
28.15 March 2003International OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
28.1515 March 2003OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
27.1502 February 2003OpenLatinAdultBassano Dell Grappa - Italy


Andrea Francesca
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That's Him!

Never Give Up!

Andrea Silvestri, HUN How did you get in contact with DanceSport ?

ANDREA: with me family one day we went to a danceclub

What ist the fascination that you are still involved in DanceSport ? 

ANDREA & MARTINA: for us the dance rappresent an art,an expression of feeling and emotion 

What is your aim in DanceSport ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: become good dancers and known in the world

Is there something in DanceSport nowadays that you are worried about ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: to lose the real meaning of dance and be inside a system where other people can control us and all the dance world by results ...

How long are you dancing ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: both we are dancing 17 years 

Who is your main trainer ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: we are working with a team constantly

Where do you mainly live ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: our base is in Budapest but we move during a month

Do you have time to meet friends ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: we try to find out the time for them, most of them are our students

Your education, job? 

ANDREA & MARTINA: Dancers, our life is dedicated to the dance

What are you going to do if there is - completely unexpected -  a free day for you ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: of course we try to relax or find out something else out from the dance 

Do you have any hobbies besides dancing ? 

ANDREA: motors

MARTINA: shopping!

Which kind of movie could you motivate to go to the cinema ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: it doesn t matter, we like all kinds of movies 

What are you most proud of ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: of our family who gave us this possibilities to be what we are and more

Which of your dreams would you like most to come true ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: generally we want just the good for us in every way. 

How do you cope with stress and bad mood ?

ANDREA & MARTINA: we try to not show to the people our feeling at the moment, but we try to resolve our mood as soon as possible. 

What is your motto in life ?



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