David A Mcnish - Rhonda Mcnish

General information

David A Mcnish   (10126555)
Rhonda Mcnish   (10126554)
Dancing for
United States
Joined on
Current age group
Senior IV
Current status

136. in Senior II - Latin with 140 points

148. in Senior III - Latin with 154 points

356. in Senior III - Standard with 112 points

263. in Senior IV - Standard with 128 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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7.12815 January 2023OpenStandardSenior IVNewark - United States
4.15415 January 2023OpenLatinSenior IIINewark - United States
9.11214 January 2023OpenStandardSenior IIINewark - United States
5.14014 January 2023OpenLatinSenior IINewark - United States
5.14027 November 2022OpenStandardSenior INew Orleans - United States
2.18927 November 2022OpenLatinSenior INew Orleans - United States
17.8826 November 2022World ChampionshipTen DanceSenior IINew Orleans - United States
6.14426 November 2022OpenStandardSenior IIINew Orleans - United States
6.14426 November 2022OpenLatinSenior IIINew Orleans - United States
11.10829 February 2020OpenStandardSenior IVFort Lauderdale - United States
10.11729 February 2020OpenStandardSenior IIFort Lauderdale - United States
5.14029 February 2020OpenLatinSenior IIFort Lauderdale - United States
Withdrawn28 February 2020OpenStandardSenior IIIFort Lauderdale - United States
4.15428 February 2020OpenStandardSenior IFort Lauderdale - United States
Present01 February 2020World ChampionshipSmoothAdultAtlanta - United States
4.15401 February 2020OpenStandardSenior IAtlanta - United States
15.7231 January 2020OpenStandardSenior IIIAtlanta - United States
13.9031 January 2020OpenSmoothSenior IIIAtlanta - United States
9.11231 January 2020OpenSmoothSenior IIAtlanta - United States
9.11231 January 2020OpenStandardSenior IIAtlanta - United States
4.15426 October 2019OpenStandardSenior IRosemont - United States
11.10804 October 2019OpenStandardSenior ICharlotte, North Carolina - United States