Francesco Argenziano - Giovanna Auletta

General information

Francesco Argenziano   (10031589)
Giovanna Auletta   (10031590)
Dancing for
Joined on
01 November 2007
Current age group
Senior II
Current status

10. in Senior II - Standard with 2334 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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4.10 November 2023European ChampionshipStandardSenior IICalvia - Spain
3.32428 October 2023OpenStandardSenior IIPlatja d'Aro - Spain
3.38414 October 2023OpenStandardSenior IIRotterdam - Netherlands
9.37812 August 2023OpenStandardSenior IIStuttgart - Germany
6.43222 July 2023OpenStandardSenior IIVienna - Austria
16.19902 June 2023World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIBremen - Germany
1.36020 May 2023OpenStandardSenior IIFoligno (Perugia) - Italy
1.39006 May 2023OpenStandardSenior IIMontichiari Brescia - Italy
7.36001 April 2023OpenStandardSenior IIBerlin - Germany
1.30019 March 2023OpenStandardSenior IICisterna di Latina - Italy
1.39018 December 2022OpenStandardSenior IIZagreb - Croatia
Excused03 December 2022OpenStandardSenior IIRimini - Italy
15.20802 December 2022World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIRimini - Italy
8.27816 October 2022OpenStandardSenior IIRotterdam - Netherlands
Excused23 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IIVienna - Austria
1.31503 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IIRome - Italy
44.2407 February 2020International OpenStandardAdultNapoli - Italy
43.2206 December 2019International OpenStandardAdultJesi - Italy
4.22006 December 2019OpenStandardSenior IJesi - Italy
6.17126 October 2019OpenStandardSenior IPescara - Italy
29.1501 December 2007OpenStandardAdultEboli - Italy