Gianfranco Tenisci - Roberta Massari

General information

Gianfranco Tenisci   (10102045)
Roberta Massari   (10102046)
Danced for
Joined on
16 October 2015
Current age group
Senior III
Current status

95. in Senior III - Latin with 258 points

280. in Senior II - Latin with 81 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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4.19804 November 2018OpenLatinSenior IIIPieve Di Cento - Italy
14.8127 October 2018OpenLatinSenior IIPescara - Italy
47.6012 October 2018World ChampionshipLatinSenior IIIBilbao - Spain
Excused03 June 2018International OpenLatinAdultFaenza - Italy
Excused18 February 2018International OpenLatinAdultPrato - Italy
No show10 February 2018International OpenLatinAdultAversa - Italy
No show10 February 2018OpenLatinSenior IIAversa - Italy
110.714 January 2018International OpenLatinAdultJesi - Italy
11.10809 December 2017OpenLatinSenior IIJesi - Italy
100.808 December 2017International OpenLatinAdultFerrara - Italy
Excused05 November 2017OpenLatinSenior IPieve Di Cento - Italy
13.10505 November 2017OpenLatinSenior IIPieve Di Cento - Italy
40.2328 October 2017International OpenLatinAdultPescara - Italy
2.21628 October 2017OpenLatinSenior IPescara - Italy
13.10028 October 2017OpenLatinSenior IIPescara - Italy
76.1908 October 2017International OpenLatinAdultVigevano - Italy
20.6406 May 2017OpenLatinSenior IIRimini - Italy
110.730 April 2017International OpenLatinAdultRavenna - Italy
16.7510 December 2016OpenLatinSenior IIJesi - Italy
37.1829 October 2016International OpenLatinAdultPescara - Italy
6.16229 October 2016OpenLatinSenior IIPescara - Italy
Excused06 May 2016International OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
20.6406 May 2016OpenLatinSenior IIRimini - Italy
8.15011 December 2015OpenLatinSenior IIJesi - Italy
No show30 October 2015OpenLatinSenior IIPescara - Italy
11.10818 October 2015OpenLatinSenior IIPieve Di Cento - Italy